15 Mind-Blowing NBA Facts That Will Leave You Speechless 

Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game: On March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlain scored an unbelievable 100 points in a single game, a record that still stands today

Michael Jordan's baseball career: In 1993, at the height of his basketball success, Michael Jordan decided to retire from the NBA and pursue a career in baseball. He played for the Chicago White Sox's minor league team

1. The shortest NBA player: Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues stands at just 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall, making him the shortest player in NBA history. Despite his height disadvantage, he had a successful career. 2.

The ABA and NBA merger: In 1976, the American Basketball Association (ABA) merged with the NBA, resulting in four ABA teams joining the NBA, including the Indiana Pacers and the San Antonio Spurs.

The NBA's oldest player: Nat Hickey became the oldest person to play in an NBA game at the age of 45. He played a single minute for the Providence Steamrollers in 1948.

The shortest NBA career: JamesOn Curry holds the record for the shortest NBA career. He played just 3 minutes and 53 seconds for the Chicago Bulls in 2010 before being waived.

The NBA's highest-scoring game: The highest-scoring game in NBA history took place on December 13, 1983, when the Detroit Pistons defeated the Denver Nuggets in triple overtime with a final score of 186-184.

The NBA's biggest comeback: In 1996, the Utah Jazz overcame a 36-point deficit to defeat the Denver Nuggets, making it the largest comeback in NBA history.